Total Body Toning With Just One Move

An Exercise that hits it all – arms, abs, legs and butt.


Mondays are rough: mornings are rushed, there’s seemingly endless traffic and the workday is extra busy-Making the whole day feel extra long. That’s why Kelvin Gary, owner of Body Space Fitness studio New York City gave us a one-and-done exercise – so you can tone everything quickly, getting in your workout while also ticking off your entire list of to-dos. (Bonus: it’s a crunch-free way to great abs.) Grab a set of dumbbells that feel slightly heavy (so no, not those 2-lb cuties) and follow our how-to below.



Start standing with arms hanging in front of your body, a dumbbell in each hand. Hinge at hips and lower into a deep squat. Pause at the bottom of your squat and curl dumbbells to shoulder (as shown). Squeeze your gluten and push through heels to stand while simultaneously pressing both dumbbells overhead, flipping wrists so palm face out. Lower arms back to start to complete 1 rep. Do three sets of 10 reps. And then, just like that, your Monday workout is done.