This Workout Delivers Real Results In Just 4 Minutes

No matter how hard we try, there are some days when we just can’t fit in a full-hour sweat session. That’s why short but effective routines are our go-to for our most jam-packed days. And, just because the dipping temperatures have people herding indoors to fight for treadmills and yoga-mat plots, that doesn’t mean you have to follow. You just need a workout that delivers real results in no time at all — and the gear that will keep you cozy warm as temps drop.

We’ve got both, courtesy of trainer Kelvin Gary and adidas. Gary, owner of NYC-based studioBody Space Fitness, put together a drill that you can do in four minutes. Yes, four! It’s so quick you can squeeze in a workout during your lunch break. Got extra time? Stack two, three, or more sets of these moves.

Of course, to maximize each exercise, you need the perfect form. We tapped self-professed fitness addict and stylist Lindsey Calla ofSaucy Glossie to demonstrate them, while wearing innovative adidas gear to help enhance her workout. Start your warm-up. You’ll be done with this routine faster than you can say “brrr.”

The Clock Lunge
The clock lunge is basically three lunges in one, so all your leg muscles get some love, explains Gary. To start, stand straight with your hands together in a balled-up fist. Advertisement

Lunge forward with your right leg, and then return to standing.

Now, lunge laterally using the same leg by taking a big step out to the right and hinging at the hips to lower. Aim to get your right thigh parallel to the floor. Then, push through the heel of your right foot to return to standing.

Perform a reverse lunge on the same side by taking a big step back with your right leg and lowering into a lunge. Those three lunges combined equal one rep. Immediately move into the next set, and continue alternating in a clockwise pattern for a total of 50 seconds.

After a 10-second break, repeat the exercise on your left leg for another 50 seconds — you’ll be halfway through the routine.

The Sit Out
Start in a full plank position. Gary says it’s like the top of a push-up. While in that position, lift your left hand off of the ground.

Keeping your right hand firmly on the ground, kick your right leg underneath your body towards the left (as pictured). Maintain a slight bend in your right elbow, and hold this position for two to three seconds before returning to the starting position. Continue alternating sides with each rep for 50 seconds. Then, recover for 10 seconds.

“For more of a challenge, pick up your pace,” suggests Gary. And, make sure to wear sweat-wicking fabrics to maximize your workout, like Calla’s adidas Ultimate Fleece sweatshirt.

The T-Plank
While you may be familiar with the plank, this move combines the basic movement with a push-up and rotation. Basically, your body is doing triple the work!

Start in a full plank position with your arms extended, core tight, and spine long.

Bend your elbows, and lower into a push-up — keeping your hips and butt in a straight line.

As you push up, move into a side plank by twisting your torso and toes to the left and raising your left arm overhead. Keep your right palm planted on the floor with a slight bend in the elbow. Keep your gaze up and toward the ceiling.

Reverse the motion, and place your left hand on the ground to return to the starting plank position. That’s one rep. Now, repeat on the opposite side, and continue alternating for the full 50 seconds.

That’s it! Calla says incorporating “a quickie workout like this engages your muscles, elevates your heart rate, and helps you avoid falling into a workout rut. If you can burn and build — even for a few minutes — you will see results and feel better.”