New York City’s Best Gyms and Studios for Personal Training



If you have already signed up for a new gym membership this year but aren’t what to do beyond hitting the elliptical machine, investing in a short-term personal training program can help you not only achieve results but also do it efficiently and cost-effectively. Sure, having the privilege for someone to sculpt your sweat sessions doesn’t come cheap, but the money that you might spend tapping it back two or three times a week at fancy fitness studios could go towards personalized workouts that you can replicate on your own in the future.

Below, we’ve highlighted eight fitness facilities that are known for their top-notch personal training options, as well as the pricing breakdown for each.

Body Space Fitness

The Union Square location offers a three-month package of personalized sessions based on the results you’re looking for with several scheduling options. If you want to go once per week (for a total of 13 workouts), each will come out to $121. If you’re upping that to twice per week, then each one is just $116. If you’re looking for just a single session, that’ll set you back $126.

47 West 14th Street; Body Space Fitness

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