Changing Lives at BSF!

Here at BSF, we strive each day to make your training experience the best it can be. We love to hear what you as the clients have to say about the time you spend in the gym, how it has impacted your everyday life, and how we can continue to improve. Never hesitate to send us an email, stop by the front desk, or review us on Yelp, Rate Your Burn, or Village Voice! A long time client, Sarah Jennerjahn, has been kind enough to provide us with a wonderful testimonial about her positive experience at BSF so far:

“Body Space Fitness is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Kelvin came in for dinner at my restaurant in early June with his wife and as he was walking in the front door I was literally standing there bemoaning my lack of fitness and poking at my own stomach with my finger to a co-worker. It was a sign. I have a tendency to get in physical fitness kicks that last approximately 3 weeks before trailing off into the ether.

So later that week I got myself to BSF and was slightly scared I would be the most out of shape person there and that I would be a giant wuss because I have some lower back issues. To my delight all the coaches there know how to work with any kind of injury because of their wonderful training and experience! 

And then it began. Two times a week I hauled myself in there like clockwork. Having an appointment is the only way I can make myself go to the gym. And somehow the next day when I was sore I felt empowered to make better eating decisions. It was fun to come into my next session and have someone ask if I had ridden my bike to work, been eating healthy, getting enough sleep.
The magic began. My employees started referring to my time at BSF as my “therapy” because when I came to work from the gym I was happier. Then I was just happier all the time. My clothes started to fit better. My back pain started to decrease. Everyone who works there says hi when I get there. I brought my MOM in to meet my trainers when she was visiting. Its become a part of my life.

I got excited.



It only seemed rational to take it up to three times a week. 

The amount of money spent on the training sessions didn’t seem like a big deal as clothes that haven’t looked right in years are now slightly loose in that way that makes me feel AMAZING (like I didn’t buy them in a size too small hoping to lose five pounds :)
And now its been four months of being at BSF. I have lost 15 pounds but it feels like more because I am toned and for the first time in my life I feel strong. And its not the kind of weight you lose when you crash diet, its the kind of weight that stays off forever because I have been gaining a sh*tload of muscle along the way.

Running a restaurant in NY means I am always eating something, trying new menu items, tasting wine and liquor for the list (yes it is a rough life) but for the first time ever I am not worried about gaining weight as I know three times a week I am going to walk into that gym and get a work out I would never be capable of pushing myself through alone.

Every week I think its going to get easier and every week the trainers take it up a notch. Its the never ending challenge that I am grateful to have discovered. #gamechanger”



Thanks Sarah for your awesome feedback! BSF is ecstatic to play such a huge role in your fitness journey. Keep training hard!