10 New York City spots where you can tap your inner athlete

(Photo: Simon Mcdermott Johnson for Tone House)

Got World Cup fever? You may not make it onto Team USA anytime soon, but you can get in on the action by working out like the players.

“Soccer players are some of the best conditioned athletes in the world because the game requires so much cardiovascular endurance. Players run up to 13 miles in a single game!” says Tone House owner Alonzo Wilson, who was an athlete himself before transitioning into training them. “Agility is also incredibly important as the sport requires quickness and changes of direction—and all with control.”

So where can you find drills that will get you moving like Neymar? Thankfully, New York is currently full of sports-inspired workout destinations that want to help you tap your inner athlete. We’re talking places that use equipment and techniques proven to work on the pros.

Here are ten (in no particular order) to check out as the finals approach. —Lisa Elaine Held

……  10. Body Space Fitness
Body Camp classes on the Astroturf at this small functional gym feel more like after-school team sports practices than workouts, and its Training for Warriors program is meant to mold you into the athlete you once (or never?) were. They’ve also got lots of athletic personal training options, on-site physical therapy for injury prevention,  and a partnership with Hot Bird Running if your sport of choice is pavement pounding. www.bodyspacefitness.com


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