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At Body Space Fitness, our expert NYC coaches offer safe and effective training methods for everyone, no matter your level of fitness. Our focus is on functional fitness—the kind that helps you live your life better, faster, stronger, and more efficiently. As functional trainers, we believe that every body is different, and learning how to carry, push, pull, and stabilize external resistance using every part of your body is the safest and most effective way to build true strength…while shedding unwanted weight. Intrigued? We thought so. Read more...

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"Kelvin's passion about training and about making sure that people are getting the most out of their session with him is always evident. Body Space Fitness is his vision."
--Maggie H

"Overall, this is a great place to get your sweat on."
--Christina C.

"This is a spectacular space. Probably one of the best gyms in the city. "
--Walter R.

"I felt like I got a good workout while enjoying the company of a good friend and I also felt like I feel like I had a one-on-one although there were other people around"
--Lauren K.

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Check out this message from BSF owner, Kelvin Gary on the importance of varrying your workouts


Team BSF Rides for a Good Cause

On March 29, BSF staff and clients teamed up with Flywheel for a charity ride benefiting the Livestrong Foundation. The Foundation “serves people affected by cancer and empowers them to take action against this disease that is now the world’s leading cause of death” ( Together, Team BSF kept hope…


BSF Culture: A Few Words from BSF Client, Eddie E.

At BSF, we want to see our clients achieve all their goals: success for the client means success for us. Eddie E. is a client who came to BSF hoping to get strong and improve his marathon time. Here’s what he had to say: How long have you been a…


Coach Lauren Gets DVRT-Certified, Working Towards Precision Nutrition Certification

Congratulations are in order! Last month, Coach Lauren completed courses 1 & 2 of the rigorous DVRT (Dynamic Variable Resistance Training) Certification. She passed the written portions for each course, as well as the tough physical exam that required her to clean and press a 40lb-sandbag 40 times in 10…