InBody570-Body Composition Analysis

Whether your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle, the InBody allows our coaches at BSF to customize your training program to reach your goals faster!


What is the InBody?


Take your weight loss and fitness management program to the next level and learn about your specific, unique body. With the Segmental Muscle/Fat Analysis, the InBody outputs the exact amount and location (right/left arm, trunk, right/left leg) of lean muscle mass and fat distribution, giving you exact starting points to track your progress and begin developing the body you want.

The InBody is the most advanced body composition analyzer in the market, revolutionizing the field of BIA (Bioelectrical Impedence Analysis) with its innocative technology. With a 98% correlation with gold standard body composition analysis methods such as DEXA, top hospitals, gyms and professional sports teams around the world trust InBody. The InBody is fast, accurate, and non-invasive. By standing on the device and taking the 45 second test, the InBody will show you your Body Fat Percentage, Basal Metabolic Rate, Segmental Muscle Balance, Body Composition History, and more.

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