Introducing The BSF Experience

In honor of our 6th year in business, we’re excited to roll out a full-incomposed training experience to maximize your results and overall wellness.

The BSF experience includes:

  1. One-on-one goal setting session.
  2. Customized program design, based on your current condition and functional limitations.
  3. Personal training with one of our expert coaches, 1x or 2x/week.
  4. Group classes so you can get great results in less time by increasing the amount of times you can get your sweat on each week.
  5. InBody Analysis Reports to stay on top of your progress and monitor your goals.
  6. Normatec Recovery Boots to expedite your recovery after an intense workout.
  7. Precision Nutrition to give you the nutrition guidance, support and accountability so you can build healthy habits to help you reach your fitness goals and maintain your progress.
  8. Group and Training guest passes so you can share your love of fitness and build your own BSF squad to keep you accountable and your sessions fun.

You have two types of packages to choose from: Elite and Essentials. Below is a breakdown of what is included in each package.


  1. What do you mean total sessions?

    So instead of having a 1x per week, 2x per week or 3x week package, each package now comes with a total number of sessions. For maximum results, we usually recommend that you train twice a week. However, we know everyone’s schedules vary so we are now giving you the flexibility to not be tied to a particular number per week, but rather you use your sessions at your discretion within the time allotted for your package.

  2. When do my sessions expire? 

    Each package, whether it’s a new package or a renewal, has an expiration date which includes a two week grace period at the end of either your 3 or 12 month term. If you renew your package within the grace period then any unused sessions will roll over into your new package. If you do not renew your package, then any remaining sessions will expire at the end of your two week grace period.

  3. Can I freeze my account if I go away?

    Yes, you can freeze your account if you will be traveling more than two weeks or if a medical issue temporary prohibits you from training. To freeze your account you must fill out a freeze request form with the front desk. A freeze cannot be activated without the form being completed. There is a $15/month account maintenance fee for each month that your account remains frozen.

  4. What if I need to terminate my agreement early?

    You can terminate your agreement early, without penalty, due to a medical reason or if you move outside of New York City. Proof of either is required. A doctor’s note and a piece of mail with your new address is acceptable.

  5. Can I attend any group session?

    Yes, if your package included unlimited group classes or you add on unlimited groups at a reduced rate, you can attend any BSF class that currently have or add to the schedule at a future date. Classes include BSF Sweat, BSF Lift and our signature Kettlebell & Core.

  6. How does Precision Nutrition work?

    PN is a daily nutritional accountability system that allows us to help you build sustainable habits that you need to see lasting results. Once your Coach activates your account, you will receive instructions to set up your account and (brief) daily lessons emailed right to you.

  7. What do I need to know about the InBody scale?

    InBody is different than a regular scale because it analyzes your total body composition including muscle, bone, fat. It provides valuable information to ensure you keep moving towards your goals.

  8. Normatec Recovery, what is that?

    Normatec Recovery is a system of massage that allows us to help clients recover by provide massage either pre or post workout. Learn more about how the Normatec Recovery and all the amazing benefits here:

  9. Will my InBody and Normatec sessions roll over?

    No, depending on your package, you are allotted a certain amount of sessions per month. Any unused sessions will not roll over to the next month but each month your account will be replenished with the allotted number of monthly sessions that comes with your package.

  10. How does the Guest Group Pass work?

    Let the front desk know who you would like to bring with you to a Group Class and we will add a comped session to an account for them. All we need is their name and email address. They can sign up for any class with you or if your schedules don’t align, no problem! Their comped session if good for any group, any time.

  11. How does the Guest Training Pass work?

    If you have an Elite 12-month package you can bring up to four friends to train with you, on us. You just need to schedule your friend at least 24 hours in advance with the front desk to reserve the space and give your Coach a chance to create a program. Guest training Passes can only be used during one of your scheduled sessions, space permitting. Please schedule in advance.

  12. What is the policy for late cancellations?

    We have a 12-hour late cancelation policy for training sessions. If you cancel your session within 12 hours of your scheduled time, and cannot reschedule to another time that day, you lose the session as if you attended. If you cancel your class, Inbody appointment, Normatec appointment or Alter G appointment within 12 hours of your scheduled time, you will be charged a $10 fee.

If you have any questions or would like to take advantage of the BSF Essentials or BSF Elite experience, please contact us at

How 3-D Technology Will Give You A Hot Body

Posted By David Kaufman on New York Post | 

Annie Wermiel

More than two decades ago, David Barton opened his first eponymous gym, helping establish New York City’s distinct brand of workout culture. His mini-empire of see-and-be-seen fitness centers transformed exercising from a mere pastime to a bona fide lifestyle from Manhattan to Miami.

Now Barton is shaking up the workout scene again, recently opening TMPL in Hell’s Kitchen. The gym pairs its equipment with new innovations in data-driven fitness technology to help clients achieve peak muscle building and caloric burn with every spin, swim stroke and pullup.

“There always seems to be something slowing down your ability to become stronger, faster or fitter,” Barton tells The Post. “But advances in metabolic science now allow us to assess what’s happening in people’s bodies in a way that works for almost everyone.”

To help them get there, TMPL focuses on detailed body analyses. Barton partnered with wellness expert Jim LaValle, whose Metabolic Code system measures hormone and cortisone levels, to create a personalized diet and fitness routine and to set overall fitness goals.

TMPL has 3-D computers to show folks how they’ll look once they reach their goals. “3-D doesn’t lie,” Barton says. “The technology is very sophisticated and the results are very accurate — and motivational.”

Annie Wermiel

Barton isn’t the only one using data to maximize workouts. On the Upper East Side, the sprawling Asphalt Green complex just launched its all-body AG6 class, which uses a computerized, Spanish-made technology called PRAMA to monitor performance and boost output. And at Body Space Fitness near Union Square, owner Kelvin Gary uses InBody, a tech-heavy “body composition analyzer” that measures fat, water and muscle levels to determine the specific workouts a client might need, as well as how intense they should be and what body parts to focus on.

“Some people need to put on muscle,” Gary explains, “while others just need to make the muscle they already have work better.”

In the Flatiron District, Layla Luciano and Jay Centeno opened PACT PARK, the first local facility to offer group kickboxing classes focusing on the Nexersys system, which features seven boxing pads (equipped with Wi-Fi) that measure the speed and intensity of every kick and punch.

“The data helps devise customized positions and combos calibrated to within a split second,” says Luciano, who co-starred on Bravo’s “Work Out New York.”

Workout enthusiasts say they feel more motivated as a result. “I’ve never sweat so much from just one class,” says Tanaya Macheel, a 26-year-old Manhattan-based writer who works out at least five times weekly. “I am really competitive with myself, so workouts just don’t mean as much to me if I’m not tracking my performance.”


Annie Wermiel

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