From shredding, to building, strengthening, and stabilizing, it’s never too late to achieve your fitness goals. Body Space Fitness will teach you to follow functional fitness principles, kickstarting your individual goals the smart and safe way – no matter your experience level! Our expert fitness coaches will guide you through any of our service offerings:

    • Semi-Private Training – Small groups allow you to tap into resources that aren’t available when you go it alone. At Body Space, semi-private training is like private training… with additional benefits. The “plus” adds accountability, social support, energy, and teamwork. Semi-private training is no more than 3 people training at one time and each person has their own individualized training program.
    • Private Training – Sometimes—particularly for those new to training—you need one-on-one instruction until you are confident with the new demands on your body. This specialized attention helps you gain an in-depth understanding of how your body moves—and demystifies popular myths.
    • Group Fitness Classes – We offer a number of group fitness classes designed to help you meet specific fitness goals. From Boxing, Kettlebells and Core workouts to Metabolic Burn workouts, you’ll be stronger, faster, fitter and more efficient in no time!
    • Strategy Sessions – To track your progress, we need to assess where you are now. Our assessment is mandatory, thorough and includes:
      • Setting goals for your body.
      • Reviewing your lifestyle. What makes sense for how you work and play?
      • Body Mass Index (BMI) and Body Fat %.
      • Performing a Functional Movement Screen
      • Making postural assessments, and additional movement screens
    • Nutritional Counseling – Whether it’s your goal to lose weight, increase your energy during a busy day, find a diet to help your workout, or simply eat better, BSF’s nutrition counseling is aimed at finding the best solution for you. Our coaches work with you to help determine a unique solution to your nutritional needs. Whether your issues deal with how much to eat, what are the best types of food to eat to support your goals, or when is the best time to eat, our work with clients aims to create a viable solution to the nutritional challenges you face every day.
    • InBody570 Body Composition Analysis – Whether your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle, the InBody allows our coaches at BSFto customize your training program to reach your goals faster! Take your weight loss and fitness management program to the next level and learn about your specific, unique body. With the Segmental Muscle/Fat Analysis, the InBody outputs the exact amount and location (right/left arm, trunk, right/left leg) of lean muscle mass and fat distribution, giving you exact starting points to track your progress and begin developing the body you want.
    • Physical Therapy – Uniquely attentive to each client’s needs, Base PT offers physical therapy in a way that both informs the patient and enables them to heal more fully and functionally.
    • Alter G Treadmill workouts – Training for a marathon or half marathon? Use the Alter G to reduce joint stress and impact while still getting in your mileage and reducing risk of injury.
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