The Studio

What are your hours?

The Body Space Fitness studio is open Monday – Thursday from 6am to 9pm, Friday 6am to 8pm and Saturday – Sunday from 9am to 3pm.

What amenities do you offer?

Behind the scenes, we provide eucalyptus towels (after our group classes), massage towels for training, showers, bath towels, toiletries, key-coded lockers, and changing rooms.

Why Body Space Fitness?

Glad you asked. The concept of space appeals to us on many levels. On the one hand, you have to carve out space in your schedule to actually make it to the gym. On a physical level, functional training prioritizes range of motion and quality of movement when exercising; neither of these can happen if your muscles are all tight and knotted up (that’s where breathing comes into play!) Finally, space is the one thing you just can’t get in New York City. That’s why we keep our space uncluttered and bright.

Training Logistics

If I choose semi-private training, how many people do I work out with?

Session sizes range, but there will never be more than three people working out with you and your coach at the same time.

What’s the capacity of the studio?

There will never be more than 15 people working out on our blacktop and our group classes have a capacity of 16 people. With over 4,000 sq. ft in total, you’ll always have plenty of room for your workout.

Do I have to find workout buddies for my semi-private training group?

Not at all! But if you have a friend interested in working out with you, definitely encourage him or her to sign up for the same spot through our online scheduling system.


Which payment methods do you take?

We can set up a recurring payment through your bank account or credit card. We accept all major credit cards, including Amex. You can also pay per-session, but we encourage you to take advantage of our discounted month-to-month agreements. They expedite your scheduling and visits, so that all you have to do when you get here is get changed and get started with your workout.

What if I’m traveling, or get sick and can’t come in?

When you sign an agreement with us, you are guaranteed a certain number of sessions per week. If something comes up (such as travel, work, or sickness), you can reschedule your sessions for another date. Please keep in mind that we have a 12 hour late cancellation policy. If you plan on renewing your package, we’ll carry over any unused sessions into your next package. If you do not plan on renewing, we’ll give you some time (up to two weeks for those with a 3-month agreement and six weeks for those with a 12-month agreement) to make up any missed sessions up.  If you are unable to come in for more than one month on an active contract, you are able to freeze your account to hold on to your sessions and stop payments.  Note that our freeze is a $15/ month charge per month.

What if I need to cancel my agreement?

If you need to cancel your contract outside of our contract terms, feel free to reach out at bodyspacefitness@gmail.com so we can do our best to assist.

Working For Us

How can I join the BSF team?

If you feel like you might be a good fit for our studio, please send your cover letter, resume and headshot to arles@bodyspacefitness.com (for coach positions) and your cover letter and resume to erin@bodyspacefitness.com (for front desk positions).

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