Coach Tony gets certified in Progressive Calisthenics

Congratulations to coach Tony for his certification in Progressive Calisthenics!

have always enjoyed calisthenics since I was a child since it only requires one’s own body weight as the resistance. No equipment necessary. When I first learned of The Progressive Calisthenics Certification taking place in NYC on Fri 6/20 – Sun 6/22, I knew I had to be there. I’ve always loved doing body weight exercises and saw this as a great way to not only expand my knowledge base, but to also see how far I can take my own body. Participants traveled mostly from North America, and we even had a few folks from Australia in attendance.

The workshop was facilitated by Al and Danny Kavadlo, two brothers born and raised in NY that have streamlined their teachings in a deliberate way that can be used by everyone from those new to strength training to athletes training for American Ninja Warrior (of which we had a few). The 3 days were filled with constant information and coaching. It was almost as taxing on the mind as it was on the body. Keyword being almost. Over the course of the weekend, there were countless repetitions being pumped out in every possible movement pattern imaginable as everyone fought to perform the hardest version of each exercise: one-arm pushup, one-arm pullups, human flags, muscle ups, single leg squats, stand to stand bridges, back levers, front levers, hanging leg raises, l-sits, headstands, and one arm handstands. An enlightening weekend to say the least.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, the actual test that everyone had to pass to be certified as a PCC instructor is The Century – 100 repetitions comprised of 40 squats, 30 pushups. 20 hanging knee raises, 10 pullups. All to be performed within 8 min after 3 straight days of making your body fatigued and sore in ways not previously imagined. Not the easiest when mixed with nerves of the other 30 something people watching. Especially when you are fatigued and quite literally stuck at the very last pullup that will determine if you pass or fail (it happened to me). The main things that will be useful in bringing this new found knowledge back to BSF is that we have a whole new way of working out our clients. It is easy to see that during busier times, space and equipment can become an issue. Having an understanding of how to coach a whole new plethora of exercises will allow everyone to be pushed to their limits in the safest way possible. In addition, while I love most of the other toys that we use, there are very few things that top being able to move your body unassisted for the first time. It’s just as a liberating moment for an athlete to get their first human flag as it is for someone being able to do their first pullup on their own. It feels like you’re flying on top of the world. Hopefully, I’ll be able to help others obtain that feeling with all that I have learned.



Piya Tony Vacharasanee – New York, NY, Coach at Body Space Fitness
ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: -National Academy of Sports Medicine – Certified Personal Trainer, -Training For Warriors – Levels 1 & 2, -Kettlebell Athletics – Level 1, -American College of Sports Medicine – Cancer Exercise Trainer, -Functional Movement Systems – Level 1
The PCC is a great learning experience for both trainers and fitness enthusiasts alike. The exercises and information presented are done in a deliberate and friendly manner. The whole weekend proved to be educational, intense and a lot of fun. The quality of training and knowledge of the instructors was top notch.

The PCC is a great certification and is in the top 2 along with DVRT. The practical use is obvious and easy to convey to clients. The scope of material is expansive and sometimes felt never ending (in a good way). The quality is superb and presented in a very authentic way.