The 1 Surprising Secret to Getting a Booty You Can Instagram

There’s one thing every Insta-famous person with an enviable butt will tell you: The secret to building a round, tight tush is lifting weights.

Katya Henry is perfect proof. The 21-year-old Instagram fitness star (@katyaelisehenry) hails from Miami and has racked up nearly 2 million Instagram followers since she launched her account during her senior year of high school.

Katya is in the final stages of earning her personal training certification, but she’s already figured out which butt exercises work for her — and it’s no coincidence that most of them involve lifting prettttty heavy weights.

“The only way to make the muscles in your butt stronger and bigger is to push them toward doing something they can’t do in their current state,” explains Kelvin Gary, certified fitness trainer and owner of Body Space Fitness in NYC. The goal is to cause micro tears in the muscles so when they repair themselves (as muscles do), they grow back bigger and thicker. And bigger muscles in the butt are exactly what you need to turn your butt into a bona fide ~booty~.

Lifting heavy weights is the most efficient way to micro-tear your muscles because it tires them out more quickly than doing a million reps of a less strenuous exercise. To build a butt like Katya’s ASAP, try the weight-bearing moves she performs twice a week:



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Kelvin Gary of Body Space Fitness Workout Wednesday

I always said I would never endorse a product, person, or company I didn’t 100 percent believe in. When Body Space Fitness first approached me about a workout I was hesitant. I like my routine because I know it works, bu the minute I stepped into the large studio with top of the line equipment I knew it would be a good match.

I’m not an easy customer- I have a long line of injuries which means I need to modify in order to prevent injury and be able to workout pain free. To my surprise the workout was custom made just for me. I sat down with Kelvin owner of Body Space Fitness. Not only did he ask me about my past history, but he also did a series of tests to see what I can improve on and what my strengths and weaknesses are. Every exercise had a purpose- was my kind of workout! Not your typical bicep curls and shoulder presses. Everything involved stability in order to engage my core and gluts AKA your running powerhouse. I walked away excited for what is to come and encouraged by how strong I actually was! I lifted weights I didn’t even know I could lift. It was like a perfect cross between Physical Therapy and my own private trainer. We were constantly checking my form and making sure I was engaging all the right muscle groups. In just a couple of hours with Kelvin I saw the passion he has for what he does day in and day out. That is why I am so excited to bring you Kelvin Gary as my next Workout Wednesday feature!


After being in the fitness industry for several years, Kelvin Gary founded Body Space Fitness (BSF) in New York City, a boutique personal training gym that specializes in private and semi-private training, as well as small group fitness classes. The former athlete knew that health and wellness were his true passion, and he wanted to share that passion and his expertise on how to get fit and stay healthy, while maintaining a NYC lifestyle. Kelvin’s aim for BSF was to create a teaching environment, where he and his coaches would be able to deliver real lasting results to clients, using full-body, functional training. He created a training format that delivers workouts specific to each individual using equipment such as kettlebells, TRXs, sleds, and battle ropes, while minimizing the use of typical machines seen in big box gyms.

 A Day in the Life of Kelvin Gary

4:30am – Wake up!

Every day starts pretty much the same way for me, with a toothbrush and a foam roller. Foam rolling is most effective when done first thing in the morning. There’s nothing like working the kinks out before you get moving. Next step is to get a cup of coffee in me for a little kick in the butt while I check emails and review my schedule for the day.



5am – Breakfast

My breakfast is often oatmeal made with almond milk, blueberries, bananas and walnuts. I like to add a small scoop of protein because I’m a pretty big guy and I need the extra love.


I’m out the door of my apartment heading over to Body Space Fitness where I’m the owner, head trainer, CEO, CFO, head chef and whatever other titles I’m given for the day. I get in early, usually before any clients or staff. This way, I have time to sit, meditate and visualize the day ahead of me. I’m a firm proponent of visualization, especially in the context of fitness.  Planning and setting up your day mentally is the key to navigating the madness and staying on track no matter what happens.



6am – first client!

My first clients are at 6am and are either a semi-private or private training session. Semi-private training involves one coach working with up to three clients at a time. Each person has their own unique program that is specific to them and their goals. This allows us to provide private-like training in a group atmosphere, helping us reduce costs for the client. The training philosophy at Body Space Fitness is full body functional training using a systematic approach of assessing, performing, reassessing and progression. Everything we do goes back to this.


During my first break of the day, I will make a quick protein shake to hold me over until lunch. While I sip, I have an hour to check emails, texts and social media. I also use this time to see if there is anything that my team needs from me. At Body Space Fitness, I have a team of six trainers and seven support staff that may need help or guidance with something. All of which keeps me on my toes!

11am – “self-improvement time”

I read up on training and fitness specific blogs, or, if I’m working on another certification, I’ll spend the hour studying for that exam.

1pm – lunch

After my noon client session, I head to one of my favorite places called Coffee Shoppe in Union Square. I am literally at that place every day. Today, I am having their avocado toast. Yum!

After or during lunch, I’ll spend time with my trainers discussing training, client programs and class plans for the day/week.  It’s extremely important for our training philosophy to be executed in everything we do, which takes a lot of communication and coaching on my part. Luckily, I’ve surrounded myself with some really smart trainers, who don’t mind me constantly quizzing them with “nerdy trainer questions.”


Time to head to the Lower East Side to pick up my two and a half year-old daughter, Kayla, from school. With my day’s being as crazy as they are, between being a trainer, business owner, mentor and fitness expert, I have to remember that I also have the job title of husband and Dad. The door man of our building has nicknamed me, “the man of steel.” I admit, sometimes I totally feel like I’m wearing a cape as I fly around the city.


After dropping the little one off at home, I’ll usually take down a Quest Bar (Cookies and Cream for the win!), before I head back to the gym where it’s time for my own workout. Given that my weekday schedule is usually absolute madness, I have to be as efficient as possible and squeeze a whole lot of workout into a small time frame. These workouts almost always involve kettle-bells. The workouts I’ve come up with using these total-body sculpting tools (featured in my signature “Kettle-bell and Core” class) are a great way to get cardio and strength base training in one workout. After I warm-up (the most important part of the workout), I knock out the following workout using one kettle-bell:

  • Planks 45 seconds from Elbow
  • Kettle-bell Swings (3 sets of 12)
  • Kettle-bell Row (3 sets of 12)
  • Kettle-bell Goblet Squats (3 sets of 12)
  • Kettle-bell Overhead Press (3 sets of 12)
  • Kettle-bell Single Legged Deadlifts (3 sets  of 12)

I do all moves in this specific order with minimal breaks between each and rest after the last one for 1-2 minutes. I purposely alternate between lower body and upper body moves so I don’t have to rest and can keep my heart rate up during the entire circuit. I generally do 2-4 sets of 10-15 reps of each move. Today, I did 3 sets of 12 reps using a 22 kilo (that’s 49.3 pounds).


After my workout, I scarf down a post-workout snack.  It’s really important to refuel shortly after your workout to help the recover and rebuilding process. “Don’t let the sweat dry,” is what I always say.  Today, I take a scoop of BCAA’s and help myself to Indie Fresh’s Avocado and Matcha smoothie, which has Aloha protein in it. Good stuff!


The rest of my day is filled with training clients and teaching classes. I always have to remember why I left my suit and tie job to get in this industry in the first place: the people. I truly enjoy seeing people succeed and grow. There is nothing I love to see more than a client who has dropped two dress sizes or someone who has been coming to class regularly now doing kettle-bell swings with 16kg instead of 10kg. You’re only as good as your clients’ results. Watching people get better helps me know I’m on the right track.


I usually end the day with something small. Today, it’s a salad to end the day on the right note. You can’t go wrong with turkey meatballs! There is no specific recipe I use for them, just ground turkey, onion, green pepper and one egg.

If I make it home in time to tuck my daughter into bed, we read her favorite book, Brown Bear and then I catch up with my wife, Erin, on our days.

10pm- PLAN!

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Before bed, I plan out all my meals for the next day, my workout and my schedule. Not only that, but I visualize all my sessions for that day.

10:30pm – Goodnight!

I use my Headspace app to meditate and then get into bed. Before I know it, it’s time to do it all over again!

To book a session at Body Space Fitness and learn more check out their website

Be sure to catch the latest on Instagram @bodyspacenyc and Facebook
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Tone Your Entire Body In One Week: A Workout Move For Every Day

Body Space Fitness

By: Emily Arata Emily Arata on Healthy Habits

On an average day, our mental dedication to living a fit, steamed broccoli lifestyle wavers no less than 15 times.

We read an article highlighting a hot new technique in outer thigh-toning, then instantaneously crave pizza.

We fear the dreaded “secretary spread,” an affliction in which your ass cheeks begin to flatten and widen simultaneously, but can’t be bothered to leave our chairs for a ten-minute walk.

It’s a tough life, stuck between a rock and a fast food place.

In our eyes, the only thing separating the healthy from the lazy is a continued dedication to living to age 100. Although we falter rather regularly — chowing down on all-pumpkin-everything, ditching cardio burn class — we hop back on the stability ball with renewed dedication the next day.body Space Fitness

In an effort to get our rapidly-spreading cheeks off the couch, we contacted Kelvin Gary, owner of Body Space Fitness. He specializes in workouts that make efficient use of the whole body in the time you have to spare. His unofficial motto, “easy gets us nowhere,” is only an example of the tough-love, common-sense attitude he brings to his clientele.

In just one week, you can renew your dedication to fitness by making a pledge to try one move a day. In seven days, you’ll have worked out from head to toe. Repeat each move 10 to 15 times for a three-set circuit.

What you’ll need:

Stability ball
Two dumbbells, between 12 to 15 pounds each
Yoga Mat

Monday: Kick ass with a marching bridge.

Body Space Fitness

Lie down on the mat situating your feet in front of your hips. Push in with your heels and up with your butt, bringing the body to a bridge position.

Pull one knee toward your face, keeping the foot flexed and back straight. Repeat using the other leg.

Tuesday: Take on abs of steel in a moving plank.

Body Space Fitness

With a straight back and impeccable posture, bring yourself into a plank pose. One arm at a time, reach out and gently tap the ground in front of you. Make sure to keep your hips straight!

Wednesday: Rip out dumbbell rows.

Body Space Fitness

Lunge forward with your left arm grasping the dumbbell. Bend your arm on the knee that’s at a right angle. With your weight, concentrate on pushing the elbow back while bringing the weight to your chest.

This is a balancing act, and you’ll push straight through to the last rep. Repeat on the other side of the body.

Thursday: Catch up on TV while lunging.

Body Space Fitness

Lunges are a fan favorite. You can do them while focusing on other things, like catching up on the latest episode of “Scream Queens.”

Start off standing with your feet squarely under your hips. Stepping back with your left foot, swing it across the other leg into a deep curtsy. Then, swing that leg out to the side as you come up, bending into a side lunge.

Repeat focusing on the other leg.

Friday: Get in touch with your obliques during side plank.

Body Space Fitness

This one’s a doozy of a workout. Side planks were created to remind you of the existence of what seems like a million tiny ab muscles.

Get into a side plank, squaring your bent elbow under your shoulder. Move mindfully, dipping your hip down to the ground and slowly raising it back to the beginning position. When you’ve done your reps, flip over and repeat.

Saturday: Squat for a booty that’ll turn heads when you’re out.

Body Space Fitness

Holding a dumbbell in each hand, slowly lower into a weighted squat. As you come up, pivot the right food and turn at an angle, raising one arm straight above you. Then, sink back into the squat as you turn to face forwards.

This move can be a little tricky, so don’t be discouraged if it takes you a few tries to get the form absolutely perfect.

Sunday: Breathe easy after a chest press.

Body Space Fitness

Our favorite exercises involve sitting and this weighted chest press is no exception.

Seated on a stability ball, step forwards until just your shoulders rest on the ball. Keeping a straight back, hold the dumbbells in line with your shoulders. Then, press up slowly lowering the weights back down again.

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Total Body Toning With Just One Move

An Exercise that hits it all – arms, abs, legs and butt.


Mondays are rough: mornings are rushed, there’s seemingly endless traffic and the workday is extra busy-Making the whole day feel extra long. That’s why Kelvin Gary, owner of Body Space Fitness studio New York City gave us a one-and-done exercise – so you can tone everything quickly, getting in your workout while also ticking off your entire list of to-dos. (Bonus: it’s a crunch-free way to great abs.) Grab a set of dumbbells that feel slightly heavy (so no, not those 2-lb cuties) and follow our how-to below.



Start standing with arms hanging in front of your body, a dumbbell in each hand. Hinge at hips and lower into a deep squat. Pause at the bottom of your squat and curl dumbbells to shoulder (as shown). Squeeze your gluten and push through heels to stand while simultaneously pressing both dumbbells overhead, flipping wrists so palm face out. Lower arms back to start to complete 1 rep. Do three sets of 10 reps. And then, just like that, your Monday workout is done.


Tips to train for a full or half marathon

AM NY Body Space Fitness


C9 Champion Women’s Tech Tee Gear to help you train for your marathon
Training for a half marathon? Here’s how to Here’s how to train for a half marathon
Running a day of errands in the city can feel like a marathon — but literally running 26.2 miles (or 13.1 for a half) takes a bit more practice and precaution. In preparation for race day, we asked experts to give their input on how to train, keep motivated and what to know before lacing up those running shoes.

Put in the leg work first

Don’t start a training schedule cold.
“You should be running for at least two months, 8-10 miles a week before beginning a half- marathon running program,” said Mike Zieminski, a NYC-based master trainer and home wellness manager at Technogym.

Choose a training program wisely

“When signing up to train for your first, or 20th, marathon or half marathon, make sure to choose a training program that fits your current fitness level,” said Jennifer McCombs, an instructor at NYC’s Focus Personal Training Institute. “A beginner runner’s training program is going to look a lot different from an intermediate or advanced runner’s program. With first time or new runners, your goal should be just to finish.”

Run with a buddy

Friends keep you motivated, even when you don’t want train.
“New Yorkers are busy — try multi-tasking by running with your boss or a friend to get fitter, while hashing out a work issue or catching up on the gossip,” said John Honerkamp, a New York Road Runners running coach.

Do a fun run

Training doesn’t have to be so serious, especially if you’re looking to get friends on board.
“Try anything ranging from a school fundraiser to something like The Chardonnay Run, a national 5K event that not only benefits charity, but rewards racers with wine at the finish line,” said NYC personal trainer Steve Ettinger

Stretch it out

“A good pre-run routine will have a mix of foam rolling or fascial release, static stretching, dynamic stretching and activation drills,” said Kelvin Gary, a trainer at Body Space Fitness in the Flatiron. “The purpose of this would be to make sure that your muscle tissues and nervous system are ready to be put to work before you run.”

Cross train, too

Avoid fatigue and switch up your routine.
“In addition to running, you have to find balance,” NYC SoulCycle instructor Emily Turner said. “Blend a couple of days of strength and cross training and one rest day.”
Rebecca Goldstein, clinical director of midtown’s Professional Physical Therapy, suggests spinning, swimming or hitting the elliptical.
“The other days should be committed to strength training for your core and legs,” she said.

Drink up before the big day

When race day comes, you can’t run on empty.
“Pre-marathon, you must keep yourself well-hydrated at least 24 hours before, otherwise you will be left cramps with horrible aches and pains,” said Adam Nadelson, CEO of the NYC-based The IV Doc.
If you find it hard to drink just water, there’s help for that, too.
“For those who don’t love drinking water, you can add electrolyte tablets for flavor,” said Lole running coach Belly Perez.

This Workout Delivers Real Results In Just 4 Minutes

No matter how hard we try, there are some days when we just can’t fit in a full-hour sweat session. That’s why short but effective routines are our go-to for our most jam-packed days. And, just because the dipping temperatures have people herding indoors to fight for treadmills and yoga-mat plots, that doesn’t mean you have to follow. You just need a workout that delivers real results in no time at all — and the gear that will keep you cozy warm as temps drop.

We’ve got both, courtesy of trainer Kelvin Gary and adidas. Gary, owner of NYC-based studioBody Space Fitness, put together a drill that you can do in four minutes. Yes, four! It’s so quick you can squeeze in a workout during your lunch break. Got extra time? Stack two, three, or more sets of these moves.

Of course, to maximize each exercise, you need the perfect form. We tapped self-professed fitness addict and stylist Lindsey Calla ofSaucy Glossie to demonstrate them, while wearing innovative adidas gear to help enhance her workout. Start your warm-up. You’ll be done with this routine faster than you can say “brrr.”

The Clock Lunge
The clock lunge is basically three lunges in one, so all your leg muscles get some love, explains Gary. To start, stand straight with your hands together in a balled-up fist. Advertisement

Lunge forward with your right leg, and then return to standing.

Now, lunge laterally using the same leg by taking a big step out to the right and hinging at the hips to lower. Aim to get your right thigh parallel to the floor. Then, push through the heel of your right foot to return to standing.

Perform a reverse lunge on the same side by taking a big step back with your right leg and lowering into a lunge. Those three lunges combined equal one rep. Immediately move into the next set, and continue alternating in a clockwise pattern for a total of 50 seconds.

After a 10-second break, repeat the exercise on your left leg for another 50 seconds — you’ll be halfway through the routine.

The Sit Out
Start in a full plank position. Gary says it’s like the top of a push-up. While in that position, lift your left hand off of the ground.

Keeping your right hand firmly on the ground, kick your right leg underneath your body towards the left (as pictured). Maintain a slight bend in your right elbow, and hold this position for two to three seconds before returning to the starting position. Continue alternating sides with each rep for 50 seconds. Then, recover for 10 seconds.

“For more of a challenge, pick up your pace,” suggests Gary. And, make sure to wear sweat-wicking fabrics to maximize your workout, like Calla’s adidas Ultimate Fleece sweatshirt.

The T-Plank
While you may be familiar with the plank, this move combines the basic movement with a push-up and rotation. Basically, your body is doing triple the work!

Start in a full plank position with your arms extended, core tight, and spine long.

Bend your elbows, and lower into a push-up — keeping your hips and butt in a straight line.

As you push up, move into a side plank by twisting your torso and toes to the left and raising your left arm overhead. Keep your right palm planted on the floor with a slight bend in the elbow. Keep your gaze up and toward the ceiling.

Reverse the motion, and place your left hand on the ground to return to the starting plank position. That’s one rep. Now, repeat on the opposite side, and continue alternating for the full 50 seconds.

That’s it! Calla says incorporating “a quickie workout like this engages your muscles, elevates your heart rate, and helps you avoid falling into a workout rut. If you can burn and build — even for a few minutes — you will see results and feel better.”