21 Questions with BSF’s New Class Instructor, Bethany!

To help BSF’s clients get to know Bethany better, we played 21 questions with her. Find out how favorite hear meal, personal “fitspiration”, favorite workout song, and much more here!

1.How did you first hear about BSF?

To be honest I don’t remember. I first took a class here through Classpass over a year ago when I was just visiting NYC from college!

2. What made you want to work in the health and fitness industry?

I have been seriously into fitness and health for over 10 years. I’ve always played sports and been active so I love moving my body. I also was a coach for many years so becoming a group fitness instructor in college was an easy transition for me.

3. Where can we find you in between teaching classes and training clients?

I also am a cycling instructor at Flywheel so being active between teaching is big for me. When I am not working out I love to explore NYC—mostly through food. I love checking out new places and restaurants I haven’t tried before. I also really love love lounging in my apartment and doing NOTHING.

4. What do you do when you’re feeling unmotivated to workout?

When I don’t want to workout I just get myself out the door. Sometimes it’s hard to push yourself in class but if I just leave my apartment and get to the gym/studio that’s half the battle. Once I’m in class I remember why I love this so much and how great it is for my body and mind and being able to push through just happens.

5. What does your typical workout look like?

Anything and everything (besides yoga and zumba). I love running (running NYC marathon this November!!) and cycling for cardio. I also love strength training and utilizing ketllebells, sandbags, and TRX in workouts. Anything that makes me feel strong I am all for.

6. What is your morning ritual?

Coffee, coffee, coffee…and more coffee.

7. What will we never find you working out without?

I am obsessed with staying hydrated and having water on me at all times (especially while working out)

8. What do you do to relax?

I am really bad at relaxing and struggle to sit down and do nothing sometimes. But I am trying to get into Epsom salt baths with a book.

9. What do you tell clients who are intimidated by working with a personal trainer?

Everyone starts somewhere and everyone has a different fitness journey. Trainers are completely understanding of this and really do want what is best for their clients.

10. Who is your “fitspiration”?

Jessie Graff

11. Favorite cheat meal?

A cheeseburger. Hands down.

12. Favorite NYC restaurant?

Jacobs Pickles

13. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

I get SO aggravated with slow walkers in NYC and people who just stop mid walk with a million people behind them. It makes me mad just thinking about it.

14. What does your typical Saturday look like?

Sundays I like to sleep in and have coffee. I usually do all my meal prep and errands Sunday afternoon and then I love ending the day with a run.

15. What would you do with one extra hour in the day?

Hmmm If I had one more hour I would probably get errands done. I feel like there’s always a million things to do.

16. What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I always wanted to be a teacher… then nutritionist.. then back to a teacher. In a sense I am a teacher today.

17. What was your nickname growing up?

A lot of my friends called me B. Some still do.

18. What celebrity would you love to train and why?

Ellen! I think I would just laugh the entire session

19. What is your favorite song to workout to?

I love anything with a good beat. I also love remixes and mashups.

20. What will we find in your gym bag?

A spare change of clothes, my planner, lots of food, water, and a headband.

21. What is the best advice you ever received?

I’ve received a lot of good advice regarding fitness and life especially recently with moving to NYC and starting new jobs. Find meaning behind your “why” and constantly remind yourself why you’re here in the first place.

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